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What do to

Tutorials for adding tags with iD editor:

From articles tables

From the map
Tutorial for adding tags with JOSM editor:
You can also use these two useful tools with JOSM:
  • Plugin Wikipedia. Hint: copy a category name from a table and paste it into the plugin.
  • add-tags. Hint: you can easily use this tool by clicking on these icons .

Tables' legend

Colors and symbols in tables.

100% articles tagged
99% articles tagged
75% articles tagged
50% articles tagged
25% articles tagged
0% articles tagged
Tagged object,
nothing to do
Watch the object on Wikipedia map (WIWOSM)
Download the object in JOSM
Go to OSM web page of this object
Watch the objects on Overpass Turbo (clickable map, export as image...
There is something to do
Search the objects in OSM possibly related to this category's article. Click on this icon to automatically search and tag these objects through add-tags tool
The Wikipedia article is missing the Coord template. Click on the icon for more information
The article is not tagged but Wikipadia knows its position. Click on the icon for zooming with JOSM/iD editor on the knows position and find more easily the object to tag
The article is not tagged but its position has been calculated through the article's contents and Nuts4Nuts. Click on the icon to zoom with JOSM/iD to the known position and find more easily the object to tag"